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Agricultural Law

Experienced Agricultural Law Counsel in Illinois

Illinois Agricultural real estate matters are often complicated. From a routine purchase or sale of land, a question regarding a lease that impacts your operation or your farm ground to more complex matters involving property line disputes, easements or partition actions an experienced attorney can assist you in making informed legal decisions.

Representing Farmers, Land Owners and Investors

Whether you own farm land as an investment or as your livelihood, it is important to make smart legal decisions. We routinely assist clients by addressing their legal concerns and questions in various capacities including:

  • Buying and selling farms and tracts of land
  • Partition lawsuits
  • Easement disputes
  • Drainage issues
  • Quiet title actions and deed concerns
  • Auction sale of farms
  • Farm leases
  • Creating or enforcing easements
  • Resolving zoning issues
  • Litigation to resolve real estate disputes
  • Estate planning for farmers and their families
  • Eminent domain issues
  • 1031 property exchanges
  • Coal, oil, mineral and wind power agreements
  • Hunting leases
  • Settling Decedents' Estates

In working with clients our goal is to educate and counsel our clients not only to assist in the resolution of the pending matter but also to educate our clients on how to identify similar issues in the future in order to avoid costly disputes or misunderstandings. We will provide your legal options, develop a plan and implement the plan in order to reach your objectives. My experience both as a litigator and transaction attorney provides a unique perspective on handling business negotiations and contract drafting.

Call 309-929-4332 or contract me online to schedule an appointment. As your lawyer, I will counsel you on your best informed legal decisions.

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